Last wood firing Jamboree  
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Dearest Millstone Friends By now, many of you will have seen or heard that Millstone is for sale. This email just serves to connect with you all on this. Lyle and I are not staying on at Millstone. We feel extremely sad but alongside the sadness, we have a clear vision and excitement for our next steps and feel such gratitude for this time and learning that we have had here and how this will feed into our future - this includes continuing to grow our workshop hosting portfolio. This news also comes with an invitation - we are moving out of Millstone at the end of May which is extremely soon! Before we leave we would like to host our second and final Woodfiring Jamboree, a last hurrah before we go. The date we've set is 30 April - 2 May a long weekend. I have included the poster below. . This news also comes with a Big Fat Thank You - for all your support, help, generosity and encouragement. We hope you'll continue with us into our next adventure. On that note - I will send out one last email before we leave which will probably include a link to a new mailing list for you to join if you want to continue to follow our journey/ join us for future workshops so keep an eye out for that too. . At this stage we don't know what will happen with Millstone in the future. Hopefully another potter will come in and take it over. But we fully recognise that the prospect of Millstone being no more will be a shock and a blow for many of you. That the community that has formed and grown around this place over the last 20 years will be grieving with this news too, and we hold you all in that. Warmest Alila and Lyle

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